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Dear Customer
We want let you know that we accept "BITCOINS" as payment method.
Now you can buy steroids online with bitcoin payment.

When you are ready to make a purchase from Interpharmserv Company, you just simply add the products to your cart on our website and choose Bitcoin as the payment method.

Bitcoin is a distributed peer to peer network offering a safe payment system based on a completely digital anonymous currency.
Bitcoin payments can be made very easily from anywhere around the world. Bitcoin payment offer reduced payment processing costs.
Bitcoins can be safely transfered instantly and securely between any two people worldwide.

Once your selections are made and you are ready to make your order, add the items into your cart and choose bitcoin as the payment transfert.
You can send payment from your bitcoin wallet by using the generated bitcoin address that we will send you in your e-mail.

Here the link to open a BTC account:

1- Open an account here:
2- Buy BTC from a reseller here:
3- Pay the BTC to reseller and when it's done you need to give him your payment confirmation info.
4- Give your BTC adress here: to the BTC reseller and he will deposite your BTC in your account.
5- Contact us and we will send you our BTC adress and you will wired the BTC from your account to our account from here:
6- We will ship your order as soon we will see the BTC payment confirmation in our account.

Contact us for more information.

Best regards
Walter Wiseman