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I’ve used INTERPHARMSERV for all my on- line gear orders and highly recommend them. Note: Had one issue with them over a shipment that never arrived? After several written complaints. Walter, resolved the issue and sent me my replacement.

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Communication and support is excellent!
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I was looking for some reviews on parabonix (hex/tren) cause it was more expensive than normal tren. I wanted someone’s personal experience using it? Well, here’s my experience on it. Better than I expected. I used it with test cyp 500 mg wk with 75mg (para) every other day for 8wks. My gains (210lbs to 230lbs) and strength went through roof! Muscle were full, hard and veiny. Had I used test prop instead of test cyp. I’m sure, my muscle quality would have been more define. But very happy with my results with parabonix (tren-hex)

Product effectivenes and experience

Parabonix- quality excellent
8wk cycle

I recommend shopping here!

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